they let me wear this to work?

Sep 05

Superhero Day at work! Our workplace participated in Superhero Day for Muscular Dystrophy.  Everyone looks amazing!

I decided to finally take this opportunity to dress up as Wonder Woman.  I can finally tick this cosplay off my list.

Muscular Dystrophy is a muscle-wasting disorder that has 60 different variations and the focus of this event is on the paediatric form of MD - Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – which mainly affects young boys. 

For more information or to show your support check out Superhero Day for MD!

Sep 01

I lime it like this!

Aug 27

Tutorial: Brigitte Bardot →



Hey beauties! Do you sometimes want to wear fringe but don’t want the commitment of cutting them? How about wanting to wear your hair a la Brigitte Bardot? Even if you haven’t thought about it until now, here’s a sweet and simple tutorial for faux bangs and a sassy Brigitte Bardot updo!


Here is my lovely

Aug 21

The Australian weather is a troll.

It’s finally hit 5pm today and the rain decides to pour like a lactose intolerant person making a digestive mistake.

Either way, I was at least prepared for this weather…well my legs were.  I was brazen enough to leave the house without an umbrella today…and a nicely done bouffant! There goes my hair I suppose… Goodbye sixties school girl outfit!

Aug 07

Thursday I don’t care about you,

It’s Friday I’m in love…

For those who have missed the reference, one of my favourite bands of all time is The Cure. I had nicknamed this top my “Robert Smith shirt” because it reminded me a lot of his style (especially in the video clip ‘Friday I’m in love’).  I accompanied my top with PVC leggings that are so flattering on legs (and booty).  I got these babies from a local Sydney fashion designer called Tentacle Threads!

I always loved how Smith added a touch of red lipstick with whatever he was wearing! Unfortunately I couldn’t maintain my spiky hair that day so it sadly came flat by the time of this shoot.

My favourite Cure song of all time would probably be ‘Close to Me’. I like depressing songs to a cheery and catchy beat!

Jul 23

Dumb selfies I took of myself in between photoshoots (I do product photoshoots so it’s nothing exciting).

My outfits consists of the kickass Think Geek 8-bit tie and bow, Nyan Cat hoodie and, a high school girl skirt I got from Japan! My nerd glasses are from my workplace. They are my manager’s but I’m currently taking hostage of them at my desk! 

Jul 10

For those who are wondering…I actually do cosplay on the side! This is my Battle Bunny Riven for Supanova 2014 this year!

This was my first (completed) weapon I’ve made for a cosplay ever! I used yoga mat foam for the inside, cardboard for all the decorative bits and a PVC pipe as the handle! Also lots and lots of hot glue and spray paint.

The costume itself I used this Sexy Black Bunny costume and added on top the white bunny ears.  The collar, tie and cuffs and carrots are all self-made :)

Jul 10

shameonpretzel said: Great Pikachu hoodie! Might I ask what size you are wearing (I want to buy one for myself, and I need to know sizes for reference)?

Hey there! The size I bought is a Medium.  I can probably fit into a small but I intentionally went one size up so that the Pikachu face will cover more than half my face :)  I also like having long-ish sleeves!

Hope this is a good reference!

May 26
Just hanging out at the beach.

Just hanging out at the beach.

Nov 26
If this were a real attack, you’d be dead!
BMO Dress, Black Milk Clothing


If this were a real attack, you’d be dead!

BMO Dress, Black Milk Clothing